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497 N. Resler Suite B, El Paso Texas, 79912

Atlas Soccer Academy

497 N. Resler Suite B, El paso Texas 79912, 915 276 7021

ATLAS Soccer Academy is a nonprofit corporation structured, solid, profitable, credible and excellent positioning among its peers, with sports training to reflect the organization and grandeur Soccer Team Guadalajara ATLAS First Division.

With athletes displayed as human beings who love their activity with the possibility of becoming personal and professional integrity.

Contribute to social development and strengthen the healthy values ​​of today's youth.


Provide our City a football academy that will enable our young people a comprehensive development in the field mental, physical, technical and emotional through leisure and recreational activities, to ensure a clear focus progressively sporting excellence and personal. With the support of an interdisciplinary team of professionals specialized in the development of athletes.


Develop sports and recreational activities ATLAS Soccer Academy as a basic process continued health, education and football mental-emotional, looking for a complete progressive development and the led.


Between 4 and 16 young players going through a critical stage in their learning, during which they have a great capacity for imitation. In this feature it is necessary for the teacher to be clear and precise in his explanations and guidance, using the best possible verbal and gesture expression, looking for a complete progressive development and the led.
However it must be kept in mind that not all children learn in a similar way, so our coaches-teachers are trained professionals in teaching-learning processes.
Each group is classified according to their age, which facilitates the understanding of children and structured planning of the work to be done, according to the conditions and capabilities that should be explored in them.
It is very important to consider the physical-technical, medical, nutritional and psychological within the comprehensive training that is intended to children. Thus, in the physical-technical consider predeportivos games that introduce the child in sport, education of the movement to develop basic psychomotor education and training body and movement coordination; recreation as reinforcing the playful aspect which allows the student to integrate and cooperate with different activities everyday and gymnastics as a means to achieve physical and athletic training through gymnastics.
The medical aspect is relevant in sports and especially in football, so the assistance will be permanent and specialized, coordinated a kinesiologist deportólogo, through which it will provide diagnosis, assessment and continuous monitoring athletes


To develop a formative work that affects the incorporation and strengthening social skills, we selected a set of social and sporting values ​​that serve as the backbone and cross all project activities, especially in training.
They were selected from a human development perspective and personal skills training, sporting and social in populations living in conditions of social exclusion:




with the project of ATLAS Soccer Academy our intention is to make the children can have a place of healthy recreation and sports practice. In this Academy students will have the opportunity, based on their skills, to be projected first division clubs in and out of the United States of America.

ATLAS Soccer Academy will have an intense and constant contact with the ATLAS de Guadalajara team first division which will offer tryouts for the projection of our students, consummating training and life experience of the students, while generate a projection of first level to involved in this initiative.

No small dreams when in the best team. There are no limits when the ball is on the side of the smallest, future professional players and representatives of national teams, the current heirs of a success story that should be perpetuated and infect us all, so we invite you to be present to win with us, to win and playing for the Academy.