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497 N. Resler Suite B, El Paso Texas, 79912

Atlas Soccer Academy

497 N. Resler Suite B, El paso Texas 79912, 915 276 7021

Content Clinics

Physical Fitness Professional

The physical conditioning will be carried out by means of which count stations with areas to develop as:
Power = Speed ​​/ Strength P = V / F
1. Retention with elastic bands
2. Medicine balls or weights
3. Development speed
4. Power jump or hit
5. General Conditioning

Course Structure
The structure of the clinic is daily themes . Each day covers a different theme, and both heating , recreational games , football games , audio / lectures, and exercises are aimed at developing these issues. The selection of topics and how to teach and depth depends on the category. The younger children learn everything like the big one with short repeats , and everyone learns more through modernization exercises and case studies. The topics covered , among others, are :

Domain ball, Team Tactics
Fundamentals of Refining defensive technique ( hitting , pitching , driving, receiving, goal kick, etc. )
Basics on offense , psychomotor, Positions Game Strategy
Individual Tactical, Mental preparation for the game

The activities carried out are of different types:
Physical Activities skill development
Learning Physical Activities technique
Learning Activities
Skills and recreational matches between groups

improve their ability to learn
learning p / ej . to nod , circumvent , etc. .
learn some theory , alignment, etc. .
practice all this playing tournaments

Goalkeepers Clinic

In the summer of Atlas clinics will develop specialized courses in soccer goalkeepers . The concept of training has as its starting point an idea deemed football as a game, in which you teach the goalkeeper through six blocks of diverse theoretical and practical issue :
1.Entrenamiento the goalkeeper from the actual game concept .
2.Situaciones offensive and defensive tactics .
Defensive 3.Acción porter ( blockages , detours , reject ... )
4.Juego air and things like basculaciones and supports.
5.Calentamiento the goalkeeper .
6.Preparacion goalkeeper physical (strength, endurance, coordination ... )